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Finding STEM Success in the Post-Secondary Classroom

By Korei Martin

Posted on 2019-05-24

The 8th Annual STEM Forum & Expo, hosted by NSTA, this July in San Francisco offers a post-secondary track to help educators create STEM-rich learning environments for students. STEM plays a vital role in post-secondary education, whether it’s in the introductory classroom where students are learning about the value of STEM or upper-level classes where students are preparing for STEM-related careers.

The sessions in the post-secondary track at the STEM Forum & Expo will help educators incorporate the value of STEM in their classrooms. For all of the sessions in the track, and to tailor the conference program for your own needs, browse the sessions online and search by date, conference strand, grade level, and more. 

Here are a few of the post-secondary sessions offered:

Thursday, July 25, 9:30–10:30 a.m., Rm. 3022, Moscone Center West

Preparing Students for Actual Science

Join for a discussion of how students are trained to be scientists emphasizing intuition and non-specialized knowledge rather than using the scientific method to make discoveries.

Speaker: Ed Fenimore, Emeritus Fellow

Friday, July 26, 9:30–10:30 a.m., Rm. 3022, Moscone Center West

Activism in the Science Classroom: Where to Draw the Line? 

As instructors, we want to reflect on how to balance activism and adversarial attitudes among students and faculty in the science classroom. How do we present the science and address student claims supported by examples in the media?

Speakers: Annissa Furr, Professor, Kaplan University; Tyra Hall-Pogar, Professor, Purdue Global University

Friday, July 26, 1:30–2:30 p.m., Rm. 3022, Moscone Center West

Nontraditional Students: New Prospects for Qualified STEM Educators at Rider University

The speakers will share the unique experiences of two undergraduate scholars and their nontraditional paths to careers in STEM education.

Speakers: Laura Ramirez, Undergraduate Student, Rider University; Kimberly Konczyk, Student, Rider University

Educators from all grade levels will gain valuable STEM teaching strategies and resources at the 8th Annual STEM Forum & Expo, hosted by NSTA. This unique, focused event brings together (informal and formal) educators and representatives from exhibiting companies who are interested in, and who have tools and resources to share that will ensure successful implementation of STEM education into our schools and communities. It is intended to provide resources for educators and organizations seeking to learn more about STEM education, associated outreach programs, partnerships, schools, and curricula.

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