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Wendy Saul at #NSTA15 Kansas City: Curiosity Takes Center Stage

By Korei Martin

Posted on 2015-09-03

Kansas City skyline panorama.

Dr. Wendy Saul has been a vital part of the science literacy community since 1985 when she co-authored Vital Connections: Children, Science and Book. Since then Saul has focused her attention on the relationship between science and language and how it can be better integrated in schools and libraries.

NSTA members know her from the book Front-Page Science: Engaging Teens in Science Literacy (read a sample chapter), which offers science journalism techniques that help students become better consumers of, and contributors to, a scientifically literate community.

Fostering an Insatiable Curiosity

This December 3–5, fans of Saul can meet her in person, at the 2015 Area Conference on Science Education in Kansas City, Missouri, where she will share her thoughts on sparking curiosity and active learning in students. Don’t miss “Fostering an Insatiable Curiosity: Planning for the Future,” on Friday, December 3 9:30-10:30 AM, in the Kansas City Convention Center, room 2105.

Curious about what else will be happening during the conference? Here is a sample list of other sessions:

  • STEMming The Zombie Tide
  • AMSE Session: The Overlap between Culturally Responsive Teaching and the NGSS
  • Hovercrafts and Newton’s Laws
  • CPO’s Link™ Chemistry Models: Fun with Atom Building and the Periodic Table
  • Earth Science for Our Next Generation of Very Young Scientists
  • Archaea and the Three Domains: Classification of Life for Middle School
  • Teach Engineering Principles on the Cheap with Concrete

Kansas City Area Conference PicWant more? Check out more sessions and other events with the Kansas City Session Browser/Personal Scheduler. Follow all our conference tweets using #NSTA15, and if you tweet, please feel free to tag us @NSTA so we see it!

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