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Eureka: Science Activities & Stories Series


By Donna Farland-Smith and Julie Thomas

A child's ideas about how scientists look and what they do start to form in the earliest years.

Help shape those conceptions as you introduce skill-building inquiry investigations with these books, whose titles evoke Archimedes' famous cry. With engaging lessons, even the youngest students can make an important discovery: Scientists aren’t stereotypes wearing goggles and lab coats. They are both women and men whose work and success stem from their life experiences and character traits.

At the books' core are lessons that connect science content to children's trade book biographies of scientists and engineers. Some of these individuals are famous while others are not as well known. The lessons are designed to be appealing and easy to use. Chapters delve into the practices of science and engineering, such as how to ask questions and define problems, plan and conduct investigations, and analyze and interpret data. In addition to supporting the NGSS, the activities will expand children's understanding of what scientists do, where scientists work, and why science is important. With the Eureka! books, you can encourage children to see themselves as budding scientists.

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