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Everyday Science Mysteries


By Richard Konieck-Moran

Everybody loves a mystery—and thousands of teachers love how the Everyday Science Mysteries series gets students engaged in real phenomena about science content.

Author Richard Konicek-Moran uses each mystery to present opportunities for students to ask questions, form hypotheses, test ideas, and come up with explanations. Konicek-Moran engages students by grounding the stories in familiar experiences that provide a foundation for discussion. When asked how he comes up with his science mysteries, Konicek-Moran says: “They are most often derived from my everyday experiences. Science is all around us, and as we go through our daily routines, it often eludes us because—as the old saying goes—‘The hidden we seek, the obvious we ignore.’”

This popular series is available in two different sets to fit teachers’ needs: The original four-volume series covers an array of topics in each book, and a three-volume set comprises topic-specific books for physical, life, and Earth and space science. Chapters include science concepts to explore, grade-appropriate strategies for using the stories, and explanations of how the lessons support standards.

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