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Once Upon a Science Book


By Jodi Wheeler-Toppen

Your challenge

Integrate literacy instruction with your science lessons—even if your students struggle with reading and you don’t have a single extra minute of class time.

Your solution

The Once Upon a Science Book series. These books provide everything you need to boost students’ skills in science concepts and reading at the same time. The books start with advice on teaching reading-comprehension strategies to middle school students. Then the 12 content chapters give you hands-on science lessons organized in a learning cycle.

The explorations in the new physical science volume support the NGSS and the Common Core State Standards and cover key physical science concepts such as physical and chemical properties, inertia, energy, magnets, and waves. They have engaging titles like “The Smash-Masters,” “Energy’s Wild Ride,” and “How to Not Die in Antarctica.” In addition to the writing prompts and assessment activities found in all Once Upon books, the physical science volume presents a “Thinking Mathematically” activity to show how science and math concepts relate.

You’ll love how practical and useful these books are. The authors are experienced teachers who know what it’s like when students struggle with science texts. They’ll help you take on the role of coaching your students in content-area reading!

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