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Picture-Perfect Science

Award-winning series for grades K-5


By Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan

Effective May 13

While we are still offering the Picture Perfect NSTA Press individual titles, due to supply chain issues, we are temporarily pausing sales of any supplemental Picture Perfect resources. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The award-winning NSTA Press® Picture-Perfect Science Lessons series combines science and reading in a natural way and provides easy-to-grasp background in science and language arts, and now STEM. The classroom-tested lessons clearly identify the appropriate science content per grade and embed carefully selected reading strategies.

Authors Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan are elementary classroom veterans who've honed their approach to teaching science to teachers nationwide. They know that elementary teachers are usually crunched for science instructional time and could often use refresher explanations of scientific concepts.

Elementary school teachers can use the picture books in combination with ready-to-use student pages and assessments to aid in guided inquiry. Also available: Collections of the picture books used in the series at reduced prices—including previously out-of-print titles—and prepackaged classroom supply kits for each of the lessons!

For more information on how to implement Picture-Perfect Science in your classroom—including key reading strategies and connections to the science standards—download the free e-book Why Read Picture Books in Science Class?

Picture-Perfect Science Lessons connect with the Next Generation Science Standards

Download an overview of how the Picture-Perfect Science Lessons connect with the Next Generation Science Standards content areas in grades K through 5.

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