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Case Studies: Biochemistry

All Biochemistry Cases

Case Study

Can Stem Cells Bring Magic to Medicine?

By Ashleigh Garrett, Joni H. Ylostalo

Case Study

Not the NMR You Are Thinking of

By Shawn Xiong

Case Study

Is p53 a Smoking Gun?

By Michèle I. Shuster, Joann Mudge, Meghan Hill, Katelynn James, Gabriella A. DeFrancesco, Maria P. Chadiarakou, Anitha Sundararajan

Case Study

Liam’s Head Injury

By Melody J. Neumann, Michelle B. French, Franco A. Taverna

Case Study

Metabolic Mayhem

By Theresa L. Beaty

Case Study

Life in the Fat Lane

By Scott J. Donnelly

Case Study

Atkins or Ammonia?

By Stephanie Dingwall, Tammy Nguyen

Case Study

Creatine and the Case of the Aging Athlete

By Scott Medler

Case Study

The Dutch Hunger Winter

By Kuei-Chiu Chen

Case Study

Sponges and Bubbles

By Geoffrey M. Lippa, Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo, Jean A. Cardinale

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