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NCCSTS Case Studies


Q: How can a student access a case study assigned in class?

Cases (only) are freely accessible to students, to access directly from our website. OR To supply students with the case, use one of the following methods:

  1. Provide a direct link to the case. To do so, right click on the “Download Case” button and choose “Copy Link” (for example,

  2. Provide a pdf of the case on your password-protected classroom website.

  3. Provide a hard copy of the case.

You are never allowed to post or share the teaching notes or answer keys to students or any other teacher. See our usage and permission guidelines.

Q: Does NSTA have institutional rates for the case study subscription?

We offer a discount if your institution has 20 or more teachers. Please contact us at As a reminder, a case study subscription is for the individual teacher. We do not offer one account for a team/department/school. Each teacher needs to register for their own account, even if the school pays for the subscription. The teacher cannot share the resources with other people in or outside of the school. See the Permissions and Usage Guidelines for more details.

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