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COVID-19 Pandemic Safer Science/STEM Online and Face-to-Face Learning Environments Instruction Disclaimer Statement

(Note: This disclaimer statement is recommended for instructors to include with their course outline and all online or at home science/STEM lab activities.)

“The safety precautions/protocols outlined for each hands-on activity are based on use of the manufacturer’s/company’s recommended materials and instructions, your instructor’s safety protocols, legal safety standards, and better professional safety practices. Students must conduct all activities under adult supervision. Using alternative materials or procedures for these activities at home may jeopardize the level of safety and therefore is at the user’s own risk. Further information regarding appropriate safety procedures when conducting science/STEM related activities is provided by the NSTA (see resources below). Do not hesitate to contact your instructor if in doubt of any safety protocols.”

Excellent resources for educators and parents:


NSTA is committed to publishing quality informational material that promotes the best in inquiry-based science education. However, conditions of actual use may vary, and the safety procedures and practices described in this recommended teacher disclaimer are intended to serve only as a guide. NSTA and the authors do not warrant or represent that the procedures and practices meet any safety code or standard of federal, state, or local regulations. NSTA and the authors disclaim any liability for personal injury or damage to property arising out of or relating to the use of this teacher disclaimer, including of the recommendations, instructions or materials contained therein.

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