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Fall21 Highlights

Live & On Demand • January 29


Hot Topic Sessions and Popular Workshops From NSTA Fall Conferences

Extend your learning with NSTA’s virtual Fall21 Highlights! Revisit hot topic sessions and popular workshops from our most recent fall area conferences. In addition to the on-demand, encore sessions from our fall conferences, you will have a front row seat to powerful live presentations from thought leaders and educators who share your passion for teaching and learning science.

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Teaching Environmental Justice Theory and Applications in STEM

This presentation will focus on how social, political, and biophysical factors structure access to water, using the concept of environmental justice to draw attention to issues of fairness and equality in the ways different social groups gain access to natural resources. It is essential for anyone working in the environmental sciences to acknowledge the human communities that impact and are impacted by those systems. The history of spatial segregation in the U.S. has had real consequences for how water is distributed, diverted, stored, and managed across urban and rural landscapes. This has resulted in uneven access to clean, reliable water and differential access to water-related decision-making. In this talk, Melissa will introduce a theoretical framework based on current research in environmental justice that considers distributive, procedural, and recognition justice. Looking at case studies in the Pacific Northwest, she will demonstrate how water managers and researchers can use this framework to ask questions that will illuminate opportunities to support diversity, equity, and inclusion approaches in their work.


Melissa Haeffner, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Management, Portland State University

Melissa Haeffner, PhD


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