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Graduate Credit

NSTA Conference Transcripts

NSTA offers professional development certification (based on clock hours) for its conferences. The transcript, which lists the sessions attended, also serves as proof of attendance at the conference.

NSTA acknowledges up to 5 clock hours per day and up to 25 clock hours per week for NSTA STEM21. Please note that these hours are not graduate/ continuing education units. It is attendees’ responsibility to forward their transcript to the school administration in accordance to their state’s qualifications. NSTA does not send this information to the school administration. Most administrations recognize NSTA conference attendance as professional development credits toward enhancing teachers’ skills and education.

Click here for information on completing a session evaluation.

Create Your Own Transcript / Certificate

Please follow these simple steps to create your own transcript /certificate for an NSTA in-person or virtual conference:

  • Log in at
  • Click here.
  • Select the blue button “Manually Add Conferences to Your Transcript”
  • Step 1: Find a new conference
    • Select conference year
    • Select conference
  • Step 2: Find Sessions
    • Select day of session
    • Select time of session
    • Select session title and click “Add”

All information in these transcripts will be maintained (and can be accessed) indefinitely as part of an attendee’s individual profile.

All conference and forum attendees will be e-mailed instructions for accessing their respective transcripts. All information in these transcripts will be maintained (and can be accessed) indefinitely as part of an attendee's individual profile.

For more information, please contact Beverly Shaw at or 703-312-9232.

Graduate-Level Credit Opportunities

Earn one (1) or two (2) graduate-level credit/units in professional development through Dominican University of California course EDUO 9069. To obtain credit/units, you must be registered for NSTA STEM21, complete the required assignments, and pay a fee of $104 for one credit/unit or $208 for two credits/units. An NSTA transcript is also required. Register for graduate-level credit by Monday, August 30, 2021, and submit the required assignments by Monday, September 13, 2021. Click here for complete details.




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