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How Can We Plan a Safe and Successful Model Rocket Launch?

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How Can We Plan a Safe and Successful Model Rocket Launch?

Is Lesson Plan Elementary

Sensemaking Checklist

What is Sensemaking?

Sensemaking is actively trying to figure out how the world works (science) or how to design solutions to problems (engineering). Students do science and engineering through the science and engineering practices. Engaging in these practices necessitates that students be part of a learning community to be able to share ideas, evaluate competing ideas, give and receive critique, and reach consensus. Whether this community of learners is made up of classmates or family members, students and adults build and refine science and engineering knowledge together.

Lesson Snapshot

Elementary students as scientists use scientific ideas about forces and motion, climate, and weather to answer the following driving question: How can we plan a safe and successful model rocket launch? Students use their Lesson 1 models as well as data and information obtained in this lesson and previous lessons to develop a checklist that will set up a safe and successful model rocket launch. Students collect weather data and determine if conditions are safe for a model rocket launch. Students conduct a model rocket launch and reflect on the effect weather had on the launch and how their checklist helped them prepare for a successful launch.

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Student Materials

Per Student

Per Small Group (2 to 4 students)

  • Rocket and engine
  • Phone or other devices to record model rocket flight
  • Index cards or sticky notes
  • Beaufort Scale

Teacher Materials

Note: Eye protection must be worn when groups launch model rockets and is recommended for spectators.

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