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How Have Dams on the Klamath River Affected Local Communities?

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How Have Dams on the Klamath River Affected Local Communities?

Climate Change Life Science High School

What is Sensemaking?

Sensemaking is actively trying to figure out how the world works (science) or how to design solutions to problems (engineering). Students do science and engineering through the science and engineering practices. Engaging in these practices necessitates that students be part of a learning community to be able to share ideas, evaluate competing ideas, give and receive critique, and reach consensus. Whether this community of learners is made up of classmates or family members, students and adults build and refine science and engineering knowledge together.

Lesson Snapshot

In this Community Circle discussion — How Have Dams on the Klamath River Affected Local Communities? — families and other communities discuss the film Our Beautiful Planet: Resilience on the River. This sensemaking discussion has four parts:

  • Participants watch the introduction to Our Beautiful Planet: Resilience on the River, then share their observations and questions.
  • Participants draw on what they currently know about biodiversity, stewardship, and the role food plays in their culture. With this information and their questions in mind, they watch the remainder of the film.
  • Participants consider which questions the film has answered and new questions that the film raised.
  • Participants learn about dams in their area and consider how to balance human needs with a stewardship worldview. Participants leave with ideas about additional research they can do to continue the conversation or begin stewardship work.

This discussion guide was created in collaboration with and supported by The Climate Initiative and Kikim Media.

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Our Beautiful Planet: Resilience on the River 

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