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Daily Do

Investigation: How Black Smoker Vent Chimneys Form

NOAA Ocean Exploration

Is Lesson Plan Middle School

Sensemaking Checklist

Lesson Overview

In today's Daily Do, students engage in science and engineering practices and use patterns as a thinking tool to make sense of the Black Smoker Chimney phenomenon. Students investigate how a solid forms from the mixing of two liquids. Students use the science ideas they develop to help explain how chimneys form at hydrothermal vents.

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You can also access the Investigation: How Black Smoker Vent Chimneys Form lesson from the NOAA Ocean Exploration website.



Individual Student Materials

Vent Chimney Student Activity Sheet

Group Materials for Hands-On Investigation

• (2) 250-mL beakers

• Plastic 1-mL transfer pipette

• 400 mL water, distilled if available

• Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt)

• Sodium carbonate (washing soda)

• Plastic spoons or laboratory spatulas and stirring rods

• Filter paper (optional)

• Funnel (optional)


This is a NOAA Ocean Exploration Lesson. Additional lessons and other resources about the deep ocean can be found at the NOAA Ocean Exploration website

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