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Where does our electricity come from?

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Where does our electricity come from?

Discussion Guide Overview

In this Community Circle discussion, Where does our electricity come from? families and other communities discuss the trade-offs that need to be considered to meet both the growing energy needs of Earth’s population and zero carbon emissions goals.

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About the Our Beautiful Planet Film Series

This discussion guide is based on information provided in Our Beautiful Planet: A Carbon Free Future. Our Beautiful Planet is a fascinating new series highlighting the work that climate scientists around the country are doing to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. These dedicated scientists are seeking to better understand and plan for the realities of our changing climate. The scientists use cutting-edge technology and innovative problem solving, and their answers are sometimes found in rather surprising and unexpected places. This series transports the viewer to some of the most important field work being done today, taking the science out of the classroom and into the world. These compelling stories will not only teach viewers crucial scientific principles but will also inspire them to use science to examine the issues their own communities face in this changing world and climate. Through these films, the producers hope scientists and citizens alike can come together to safeguard our environment and to protect our beautiful planet. Productions by Kikim Media. Support provided by Kennebunkport Climate Initiative.

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