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Why Is Metal Used to Build Race Cars?

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Why Is Metal Used to Build Race Cars?

Is Lesson Plan Physical Science Elementary Grade 2

Sensemaking Checklist

Lesson Overview

Students use the shape (structure) of a roll cage to try to determine the roll cage’s function in a NASCAR race car. Using model roll cages they construct from pipe cleaners, students investigate whether a roll cage made from metal can keep the same shape while rolling along a track. Is metal the right material for the job?



Roll Cage Investigation Materials

  • Each Roll Cage Model

          - 6 pipe cleaners

          - Cotton ball

  • Each Testing Ramp

          - Cardboard

          - Books or Box

          - Marker

Materials for Posters or Writing on the Board

  • Poster Paper and Markers OR
  • Whiteboard and Dry Erase Markers
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