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Why Is Rubber Used to Build Race Cars?

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Why Is Rubber Used to Build Race Cars?

Is Lesson Plan Physical Science Elementary Grade 2

Sensemaking Checklist

Lesson Overview

Students investigate how easily objects made of rubber, plastic, and metal slide along a surface. While students quickly figure out that NASCAR race car tires need to stick to (grip) the track to keep the car from sliding around the turns, they wonder why the tires need treads (structure). Students investigate how treads affect the motion of a rubber object and use their observations to determine the function of treads.



Rubber Investigation MaterialsTeacher Demonstration

  • Investigation #1

         - 1 metal baking pan

         - 1 coin

         - 1 plastic bottle cap

         - ½ rubber erasersmooth

  • Investigation #2

         - 1 metal baking pan

         - ½ rubber erasersmooth

         - ½ rubber erasercut with tread

         - 1 small cup of water

  • Teacher set up will require the following:

         - 1 box cutter

         - 1 pen

Materials for Posters or Writing on the Board

  • Poster Paper and Markers OR
  • Whiteboard and Dry Erase Markers
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