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Sessions & Workshops

National Conference in Kansas City • Oct. 25-28, 2023


Take your teaching to new heights

NSTA KC23 features hundreds of peer-led sessions and workshops for all grade levels and disciplines, presented in a variety of formats, and hand-selected to support your professional learning needs.


First Timers

NSTA First-Timers Orientation Session

Thursday, October 26

With so much to do, attending your first NSTA National Conference can be a daunting experience. This session is designed not only to orient you to the conference but also to help you meet others, all while having some fun! Learn how to navigate the conference app, while hearing pro tips on how to make your time at the conference as productive and stress-free as possible.

Session Types



poster sessions
Poster Sessions

Presenters will describe strategies or tools by referencing the various graphics, texts, and/or illustrations from a prepared poster and table space provided in a share-a-thon format.

Speed Sharing
Speed Sharing

Presenters will share a strategy or tool during a 10-minute presentation. Three presenters will be scheduled within a one-hour period of time, grouped together by theme. The last 15 minutes will be dedicated to informal discussions and Q&A with the presenters led by a moderator.

60 Minute Presentation
60 Minute Presentation

A 60-minute opportunity where presenters share an innovative teaching idea, results of research, or discuss a topic of general or specific interest.

60 Minute Workshop
60 Minute Workshop

A 60-minute opportunity that engages the audience in immersive learning to experience a portion of a science activity, investigation, or strategy that focuses on supporting classroom teaching and learning. This session includes audience participation from a student’s perspective.

Stay tuned for details as we have more exciting conference programming to reveal!


National Conference On Science Education • Kansas City 23


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