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NSTA Standards for Science Teacher Preparation

The NSTA/ASTE 2020 Science Standards for Teacher Preparation are now effective. These standards are intended to be used by science teacher preparation programs in preparing for accreditation or program design. These standards can also serve as a guide for state agencies developing licensure standards for science teacher preparation. Any new efforts should reflect the NSTA/ASTE 2020 Science Standards for Teacher Preparation, as the 2012 Standards have now been superseded by the 2020 NSTA/ASTE Standards.

2020 Standards for Science Teacher Preparation

Content Analysis Forms for use with Candidates' Cumulative Science GPA Data as partial evidence for Standard 1:

Science Teacher Preparation Program Review

NSTA Program Reports Coordinator: Michael Dias (

Programs of Science Teacher Education seeking National Recognition must report candidate data aligned with the 2012 NSTA Preservice Science Standards. These standards align well with the conceptual framework of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Program Review allows program leaders the opportunity to

  • demonstrate that the program has enacted a comprehensive assessment system that demonstrates candidate mastery of the NSTA Standards;
  • earn National Recognition;
  • provide information to the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) to use to respond to CAEP Standard 1.

Supporting documents and directions can also be found at

SPA Program Review Process
NSTA SPA Report Forms
Alignment of edTPA with NSTA Standard 5

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