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NSTA Strategic Plan


Charting an Exciting and Important Vision for the Future

Our new, multi-year strategic plan outlines a bold vision and five ambitious goals, reflecting our commitment to transform science education and best serve our members and the vast science education community. Our strategic plan will guide the work of NSTA through 2027 with equitable programs and strategies that will empower educators and create a world where science literacy and education are recognized as vital to the future of our society.


Science literacy and education are recognized as vital to the future of our society, enabling us to make informed decisions about the collective challenges we face.


Transform science education to benefit all through professional learning, partnerships and advocacy.


Our Guiding Principles

Build Community

We believe that the community of science educators extends beyond the classroom, and that together science educators influence and advance change.

Include All

We believe that all educators have a critical role in cultivating science literacy and that all learners deserve access to a high-quality science education.

Foster Passion

We believe that an appreciation for science can be fostered in every student and a passion for professional growth lies within every educator.

Champion Science

We believe that science literacy is essential to our collective wellbeing.

Pursue Learning

We believe that science learning never stops.


Overarching Goals

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Equip and empower all educators to provide students access and opportunity to be successful in science.

Be the leading source for strategies to provide equitable and inclusive science education.

Develop and provide opportunities for every learner to be successful in science.

Recruit and empower diverse teachers who are equipped to create inclusive and equitable learning opportunities.

Identify and remove barriers to becoming a science educator to diversify the workforce.

Knowledge & Practice

Advance the knowledge and practice of all educators of science through a research-based, learning-first initiative.

Promote science teaching strategies that put equity at the center of learning.

Develop, deliver and convene research-based professional learning opportunities for all educators of science throughout their career.

Develop pathways for educators of science to become leaders in their field.

Partner with like-minded organizations to develop sustainable programs and resources to promote science literacy.


Create a nurturing and inclusive community of educators.

Recruit a diverse volunteer leadership pool.

Partner with diverse organizations to foster inclusiveness and community.

Provide opportunities for educators of science to connect and convene to foster a sense of community.

Provide mentoring opportunities within our community.


Raise the profile of science education to promote respect and ensure investment that supports an equitable, high-quality science education.

Serve as the nexus for the breadth of science education disciplines, creating an undeniable, unified voice advocating for science educators and learners.

Collaborate with organizations to advocate for adequate funding for science education at the local, state and federal level.

Advocate for science literacy for early childhood and elementary-age learners to foster an interest in science.

Empower, guide and support educators to advocate for funding and resources that support professional learning and engage learners in science.

Partner with education organizations to promote an integrated learning approach to science that bridges multiple disciplines, especially for elementary students.

Sustainable Business Practice

Promote sustainable business practices to build organizational capacity.

Model the principles of inclusion, sustainability and environmental responsibility in all business operations, products and services.

Cultivate non-dues revenue that positions and underscores NSTA’s role as the leading voice on science education.

Redefine membership value for all stakeholder groups.

Expand and diversify revenue streams to safeguard financial stability and strengthen NSTA’s capacity for enhancing state-of-the-art science learning.

Engage in best practices in data collection and management to ensure data-informed decision-making.

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