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Powerful Practices Series


by Julie V. McGough and Lisa M. Nyberg

The books in NSTA’s Powerful Practices series are powerful tools in small packages!

Through thoughtful text, informative photographs, and links to special videos, they provide fresh, lively strategies you and your students can learn from and enjoy and use to integrate state standards, Next Generation Science StandardsCommon Core State Standards, and STEM education practices. The authors of the Powerful Practices series are veteran educators who know how busy and demanding today’s K–6 classrooms are.

The series is based on a three-part instructional model—Powerful Practices—grounded in questioning, investigation, and assessment. The Power of Questioning shows how to nurture the potential for learning that grows out of children’s irrepressible urge to ask questions. The Power of Investigating examines the promise that investigations offer when exploring student and teacher questions. The Power of Assessing covers assessment in the Powerful Practices method. Each volume can work as a stand-alone reference to help you develop assessments across disciplines and guide deeper thinking. The series can also be used as part of a professional development program or preservice class in elementary science or integrated instruction.

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