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Press Release

National Science Teaching Association Releases Official Statement on Social Justice and Science Education

In these moments, it can be difficult to find the right words, but silence is not an option.

The events that have transpired in Minneapolis and across the country have put us all in a place of uncertainty and frustration. We at the National Science Teaching Association share the grief and outrage over racist-fueled violence. We stand in solidarity with the African American/Black and Brown communities during this difficult time and against racial inequities. We are committed to social justice and will not tolerate racism, bigotry, and hate in any form. We will do our best to support those who have been affected by social injustice and hope that the days of racism are numbered.

Simply put, equity is at the heart of science and teaching, and education is a beacon of light for our students. Thousands of students regularly turn to their trusted teachers for their words, insights, and advice on how to manage the confusing world they see around them. We applaud these teachers and their work to provide stability and support during these trying times.

The National Science Teaching Association is committed to increasing our focus on equity in the work we do with teachers, and in the science education we provide to our students. Recently, we published two useful resources that teachers will find helpful in addressing equity in their classrooms: the Science Teacher March 2020 issue featuring the theme “Social Justice in the Science Classroom” and the May issue of Next Gen Navigator, focusing on social justice in the science classroom. We also invite you to preview NSTA’s position statements here.

Taking a stand against racism is not enough. We acknowledge the need for us to do more to live up to our guiding principles of embracing diversity, equity, and respect as we strive to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching for all.

In the coming months, we will be providing additional resources all teachers can use to create inclusive, socially just classrooms.  We will be increasing our efforts and seeking additional ways to support science and STEM teachers of color and children of color in this country.  We are also committed to making diversity and equity more prevalent in our conferences, in our professional learning opportunities, and in the content NSTA’s members use in their classrooms.  We ask all teachers of science to join us in these efforts.

- The Staff and Leadership of the National Science Teaching Association

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