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  • NSTA Press® Sample Chapters

    Page | May 2020

    NSTA Press® Sample Chapters Looking for Science Activities? NSTA Press publishes science activities for teachers of kindergarten through college on a wide range of topics. We've posted sample chapters and activities from our books for free download so you can look inside. Be sure to search our online bookstore for…

  • 40 Inquiry Exercises for the College Biology Lab

    NSTA Press Book | March 2009

    Drawing from the author’s own work as a lab developer, coordinator, and instructor, this one-of-a-kind text for college biology teachers uses the inquiry method in presenting 40 different lab exercises that make…

  • The Science Teacher Editorial Board

    Page | September 2020

    The Science Teacher is an award-winning, peer-reviewed, practitioners' journal for grade 9-12 teachers, university faculty responsible for teacher preparation, and state and district science supervisors and leaders.…

  • Modifying Scientific Research Into Introductory Science Course Lessons Using a 5E Lesson Format

    Journal Article | December 2020

    Science faculty are being asked to create active learning experiences that engage students in core concepts and science practices. This article describes an approach to developing active learning lessons from authentic…

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