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  • Who Is Chris?

    Book Chapter | June 2012

    In this lesson, students are introduced to a teenager named Chris, whose story unfolds with each subsequent lesson. The only known fact about Chris is contained in a headline, challenging students to begin thinking like…

  • Career of the Month: An Interview With AIDS Vaccine Researcher Chris Parks

    Journal Article | March 2010

    The search for an AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) vaccine is truly a global effort, with university laboratories, biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, nonprofit research organizations, hospitals, and…

  • Chris

    Collection | March 2017


  • Chris Lehmann Talks Technology and Teaching Revolutionary Science in the Digital Age

    Blog Post | August 2015

    “You stood in front of your community and said, ‘This is the scholar I have become. This is what I can do.’ And in doing so, you reminded all of us of what young people can do when given the freedom…

  • Best STEM Books 2021

    Page | November 2020

    Best STEM Books 2021 Winning Titles Ada Lovelace (The First Names Series) Ben Jeapes Illustrated by Nick Ward ABRAMS / Abrams Books for Young Readers How did the first computer come to be? Explore Ada Lovelace's determination, imagination, and amazing life as she becomes the brains behind…

  • Introducing OutSCIder Classroom

    Journal Article | September 2021

    Join host Chris Anderson as he explores our incredible National Parks and meets awesome scientists, all while learning how the world around us works!

  • Field Trips Last a Lifetime

    Journal Article | January 2021

  • There’s an App for That

    Journal Article | February 2021

  • Pandemics

    Journal Article | April 2020

  • The New Normal

    Journal Article | September 2020

  • OSTB 2021

    Page | November 2020

    OSTB 2021 Winning Titles Animal Homes Mary Holland Arbordale Publishing Take a home tour of selected bugs, birds, and mammals. Beautiful, full-page photos complement descriptions, materials, and uses of animals’ homes. A Spanish edition is available (Also in Spanish, Las casas de los…

  • Earth Day and Environmental Justice

    Journal Article | May 2020

  • Remote Learning: Problem or Opportunity?

    Journal Article | June 2020

  • Hurricane Season

    Journal Article | September 2019

    Science and current events

  • Computing in Bioinformatics and Engaged Student Learning

    Journal Article | November 2022

    The field of biology education—and other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines more broadly—has witnessed two major shifts in the past decade: (i) the increased awareness of research-based…

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