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  • Getting Messy with Data

    Journal Article | March 2020

    Tools for working with data … The Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP … Strategies for analyzing and interpreting complex data sources within …

  • Messy Data, Real Science

    Journal Article | May 2020

    [A] major goal for science education should be to provide all students with the background to systematically investigate issues related to their personal and community priorities. They should be able to frame…

  • Data Literacy 101

    Journal Article | April 2019

    Deconstruct existing scientific claims with data … to their explanations when using data. When we ask students to develop … a scientific explanation from data, they need to connect the content …

  • Synthesizing Geologic Data Into An Argument for Plate Tectonic Theory

    Journal Article | March 2020

  • Integrating Technology: Using Google Forms to Collect and Analyze Data

    Journal Article | April 2017

    This column shares how teachers use technology for assessment, student learning, or classroom management. Google Forms is used for a lab activity described in this article during a unit on the circulatory system.

  • How Accurate Are Student-Collected Data?

    Journal Article | April 2008

    The purpose of this study was to teach upper elementary and high school students to monitor two estuarine creeks using an adaptation of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Adopt-A-Stream protocol. Data…

  • Tech Trek: No need to weather the storm to collect data

    Journal Article | December 2008

    At a time when climate change is at the forefront of the media and is a topic of worldwide scientific inquiry, it is critical to engage middle school science students in technology-based activities that integrate…

  • Tech Trek: Data collection and analysis tools

    Journal Article | November 2003

    This activity is designed to help students learn to use technology to analyze data. In this illustration, students design and conduct a scientific investigation based on data collected from height and arm span…

  • Data

    Collection | February 2015

    Data …

  • Data Collection

    Collection | June 2017

    Data Collection …

  • Science 2.0: Collaborative Data Collection via Google Forms

    Journal Article | January 2015

    This column shares web tools that support learning. This month’s issue describes a collaborative model of data collection.

  • Data Collection and Analysis

    Collection | July 2016

    Data Collection and Analysis …

  • Science 101: When drawing graphs from collected data, why don’t you just “connect the dots?”

    Journal Article | October 2007

    Using error bars on graphs is a good way to help students see that, within the inherent uncertainty of the measurements due to the instruments used for measurement, the data points do, in fact, lie along the line that…

  • Collaborating to Collect Data

    Blog Post | March 2015

    In this video, columnists Ben Smith and Jared Mader share information from their Science 2.0 column, “Collaborative Data Collection,” that appeared in a recent issue of The Science Teacher. Read the article…

  • Data collection and representation

    Blog Post | January 2011

    Click here for the Table of Contents This is an exceptional collection of resources illustrating the parts of the inquiry process related to collecting, organizing, and displaying data. What’s even more…

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