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  • Conservation Cameras

    Journal Article | April 2021

  • Conservation of Momentum 1

    Book Chapter | May 2009

    This lab introduces students to the idea of recoil and how conservation of momentum can be used to explain it. Many people use action/reaction to explain recoil, but conservation of momentum can be used equally well.…

  • Conservation of Momentum 2

    Book Chapter | May 2009

    This inquiry activity should be performed after students have learned about momentum, but before they learn about conservation of momentum. Students will discover that when two objects push off each other, the momentum…

  • Conservation of Energy

    Book Chapter | May 2009

    This activity is inquiry because students have not yet been exposed to the idea of gravitational potential energy being converted into kinetic energy. Students should be able to measure this by performing this activity…

  • Hands-On Herpetology: Exploring Ecology and Conservation

    NSTA Press Book | January 2001

    Plentiful, diverse, and readily available, these animals—known in science as “herps”—are also perfect for teaching students about biology, ecology, and conservation, including problems affecting both amphibians and…

  • Relativistic conservation laws

    Book Chapter | January 2006

    Conservation laws are everywhere! Conservation of energy is one of the most useful laws in all branches of science. Other conservation laws in physics include charge, momentum, angular momentum, and those associated…

  • Conservation of Energy and Pendulums

    Book Chapter | June 2017

    The purpose of this lab is to introduce students to the disciplinary core idea (DCI) of Energy by giving them an opportunity to determine ”How Does Placing a Nail in the Path of a Pendulum Affect the Height of a…

  • Conservation Meets Design Thinking

    Journal Article | January 2022

  • Conservation of Energy and Wind Turbines

    Book Chapter | June 2017

    The purpose of this lab is to introduce students to the disciplinary core idea (DCI) of Energy by giving them an opportunity to determine ”How Can We Maximize the Amount of Electrical Energy That Will Be Generated by a…

  • What Does “Conservation of Matter” Mean?

    Book Chapter | March 2019

    The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about the phrase conservation of matter. It is designed to find out how students interpret the word conservation in the context of matter. The probe is…

  • Scope on the Skies: Water conservation

    Journal Article | August 2019

    Astronomy throughout the year

  • Creative Soil Conservation

    Journal Article | February 2010

    Take plant lessons outdoors with this engaging and inquiry-based activity in which third-grade students learn how to apply soil conservation methods to growing plants. They also collect data and draw conclusions about…

  • Communities, Cameras, and Conservation

    Journal Article | December 2012

    This article describes how students in a citizen science project in Colorado collect data on mountain lions.

  • Career of the Month: Conservation Scientist

    Journal Article | November 2016

    This column shares interviews with professionals using science in the workplace. This month’s issue describes Lilian Pintea's career path to becoming a conservation scientist.

  • Conservation of Matter in the Life Sciences

    Journal Article | October 2014

    Create terraria to teach plant functions, matter cycling, and the conservation of matter.

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