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  • Designer DNA

    Book Chapter | September 2018

    This lesson asks students to develop a synthetic genetic code to minimize the change in amino acid sequence in a protein due to mutations, within given criteria and constraints. Students compile and analyze data for…

  • DNA Structure

    Book Chapter | May 2014

    The purpose of this lab is to introduce the concept of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and to define ”What Is the Structure of DNA?” The lab explains how genetic information is stored, transferred, and conserved and also…

  • A New Twist on DNA Extraction

    Journal Article | February 2019

    Argumentation is a key scientific practice and a central social and cultural process contributing to the generation, evaluation, and application of new scientific knowledge. As scientists develop arguments and construct…

  • DNA Isolation and Analysis

    Book Chapter | March 2009

    In this unit, students will isolate DNA suitable for sequencing and other analyses. Students use bioinformatics software to find differences between normal and mutant DNA sequences, then use DNA restriction mapping to…

  • Decoding Careers in DNA

    Journal Article | July 2018

    Genetic coding lesson brings computational biology and STEM careers to life

  • From DNA to Proteins

    Journal Article | August 2018

    Learning tertiary folding through problem solving

  • DNA Family Relationship Analysis (Genetics)

    Book Chapter | November 2012

    The purpose of the activity, in this chapter, is to help students understand the molecular basis of heredity and the role that DNA technology can play in solving social problems. This activity also helps students learn…

  • Modeling DNA

    Journal Article | July 2016

    Understanding the structure of DNA through models and motion.

  • Pass the DNA, Please

    Journal Article | February 2016

    Play a modified game of “Telephone” to learn about transcription, translation, and gene expression.

  • DNA

    Collection | February 2015

    Resources in this collection will deal with, traits, Chromosomes, and other topics dealing with DNA

  • From DNA to Disorder

    Journal Article | July 2005

    The fact that one little letter out of three billion can really make a difference in the genetic makeup of an individual is often difficult for high school students to grasp. Molecular biology is a challenging topic to…

  • DNA Mapping Made Simple

    Journal Article | February 2004

    The universality of the genetic code has allowed DNA isolated from a specific organism to be transferred and incorporated in another organism, transforming bacterial, yeast, plant, and animal cells. This transformation…

  • Idea Bank: Pipe Cleaner DNA

    Journal Article | May 2004

    The pipe cleaner DNA model uses simple materials, but offers limitless opportunities for realistic manipulation, including DNA replication, mutation, and protein synthesis. The activity is also appropriate for students…

  • Extracting the Max From a DNA Extraction

    Journal Article | January 2009

    Students of all ages get a thrill out of actually seeing clumps or strands of DNA. The Biotechnology/Bioinformatics Discovery! Project, a professional development workshop offered to science teachers, has always…

  • Analyzing DNA in a High School Laboratory: Students study the genetics of sage grouse

    Journal Article | January 2003

    Students learn a variety of scientific concepts while studying the genetics of sage grouse. In this project students learn that good science relies on carefully collected data and logical interpretation of that data.…

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