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  • Engineering a Model of the Earth as a Water Filter

    Journal Article | October 2018

    is the process by which water is naturally filtered by the Earth. Rain falls … the connection between how the Earth filters water through infiltration … to clean the water. The answer students did offer was the Earth …

  • Inquiry and Design

    Journal Article | March 2020

    the natural world while the goal of engineering is to solve a problem. Although … the natural world?” Sometimes students struggle with this question …

  • Free Exhibitor Resources

    Page | April 2020

    Science, STEM Rachel Mosey … Science, STEM Rachel Mosey … Science, STEM Rachel Mosey …

  • Gender Equity in Science Education

    Position Statement | June 2020

  • Teaching Science in the Context of Societal and Personal Issues

    Position Statement | June 2020

    and the natural world as promoted in A Framework … natural world seeking explanations—based on evidence … on solutions to problems in the human-made world …

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