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  • Food Webs and Ecosystems

    Book Chapter | July 2015

    The purpose of this lab is for students to apply their understanding of ecosystems and the eating relationships that occur within them. Specifically, students will consider ”Which Member of an Ecosystem Would Affect the…

  • Illuminating Food Webs

    Journal Article | August 2018

    Assign students specific tasks to complete a maker jigsaw electric circuit that models energy flow and transfer in a food web.

  • Food Web

    Collection | October 2015

  • Food Webs

    Collection | November 2015

  • Food Webs

    Collection | November 2015

  • Food Webs

    Collection | November 2015

    Resources for lessons on food webs

  • Food Web & Food Chain

    Collection | October 2017

    Food web and Food Chain for FA 2

  • Food chain and food web

    Collection | March 2018

    At first it may appear that interactions in an ecosystem always occur between just two organisms. But nature is much more complex than that and each organism connects to other organisms in many different ways. In this…

  • Food Chain/ Food Web

    Collection | March 2018

  • Food Chains/Food Webs

    Collection | March 2018

    This collection explores the concept of a food web/chain and introduces the importance of producers and consumers

  • Food Web/Food Chain

    Collection | March 2018

    Food Web/ Food Chain

  • Food web/ food chain

    Collection | March 2018

    Food chain/ food web

  • Food Chains & Food Webs

    Collection | October 2016

    A collection of information that discusses the topics of food chains and food webs within the ecosystem.

  • Food Chain/Food Web

    Collection | November 2016

    In this collection I will include reasources that will aid students understanding of the food chain and how it works within ecosystems.

  • Food Chains and Food Webs

    Collection | January 2017

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