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  • Friction

    Book Chapter |

    The purpose of this lab is to introduce students to the core idea of forces and motion by having them determine how different types of oils change the coefficient of kinetic friction between two metal plates to explain…

  • A World Without Friction

    Book Chapter |

    The purpose of this probe is to examine students' ideas about an imaginary frictionless environment. The probe is designed to reveal students' ideas about the effect of friction on motion.

  • Friction and Air Resistance

    Book Chapter |

    Friction is very common and experienced every day. It is a force that pushes on things and that you notice when two objects’ surfaces are in contact with each other. Air resistance is a force that occurs because moving…

  • Get Fired Up With Friction Lights

    Book Chapter |

    This case study provides a summary of the history and science of matches. In the lesson, students consider how matches were discovered and work together to think about new applications for matches to solve real-life…

  • Fraught With Friction

    Journal Article |

    Supporting second-grade students’ thinking using the PEOE strategy

  • Friction in Different Languages

    Journal Article |

    Sheltered instruction ensures all students can express what they are learning.

  • Experiencing Friction in First Grade

    Journal Article |

    First-grade students explore friction and use technology to collect data during a unit on forces and motion.

  • Science 101: What Causes Friction?

    Journal Article |

    This column provides background science information for elementary teachers. In this month’s issue the author talks about friction.

  • Tread Lightly: The Truth About Science Friction

    Journal Article |

    During a recent unit on characteristics of animals in different environments, “backyard safari” trips around the schoolyard provided opportunities for students to describe ways that animals are adapted to their unique…

  • Motion and Friction

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