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  • Life Science

    Book Chapter | January 2004

    For decades, many of the nation’s life science classrooms have been anything but lively. Biology has been criticized for being content heavy, overloaded with vocabulary, and tested by rote. Six to seven hundred pages of…

  • “Life” Science

    Book Chapter | April 2016

    In this chapter, the objective of the activity “A Plant’s Life” is to observe and document the life cycle of an organism. Chapters 1 and 2 are also included in this book selection. Chapter 1 focuses on science inquiry…

  • Engineering in the Life Sciences, 9–12

    NSTA Press Book | September 2018

    When the authors of this book took part in Project INFUSE, the National Science Foundation–funded teacher development program, they noticed something. Life science teachers were highly receptive to engineering ideas…

  • A Head Start on Life Science: Encouraging a Sense of Wonder

    NSTA Press Book | March 2018

    Nurture curiosity and even joy in the youngest scientists. The 24 inquiry-based lessons in this lively collection show you how. The activities are organized into sections on animals, plants, and nature walks. Rather…

  • iNaturalist: Citizen Science for the Digital Age

    Journal Article | May 2020

    and upload to iNaturalist Science discipline: Life … SDG) 15, Life on Land. With iNaturalist you can foster student curiosity about …

  • Game for the Good With Stall Catchers Citizen Science

    Journal Article | March 2019

    Collaborative science projects you can join

  • Sourdough Citizen Science

    Journal Article | March 2020

    discipline: Life science Sourdough for Science is part …

  • Poetry by the Numbers

    Journal Article | February 2019

    a device that will keep you from snoring! My life is all about …

  • Hop Into Spring With Amphibian Citizen Science

    Journal Article | April 2020

  • Squirrel Mapper

    Journal Article | April 2019

    Collaborative science projects you can join.

  • A Coat of Many Colors

    Journal Article | March 2020

    in the environment such as temperature, decreases in old-growth forests, increases …

  • Where Do Fossil Fuels Come From?

    Journal Article | October 2019

    Since fossil fuels come from dead life forms, measure out 20 grams of dead …

  • Migrate to Mobile with eBird

    Journal Article | February 2020

    Life Science  The eBird project utilizes real-time checklists …

  • Using Insect Biodiversity to Build Basic Skills

    Journal Article | April 2019

    that at the end of the activity insects can be disposed of in the environment. Any that were stored …

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