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  • Discovery Engineering in Biology: Case Studies for Grades 6–12

    NSTA Press Book | November 2019

    Show your students how amazing it can be to just “see what will happen” when they blend biology, engineering, and serendipity. Focusing on innovations sparked by accidental or unexpected observations, the case studies…

  • Discovery Engineering in Physical Science: Case Studies for Grades 6–12

    NSTA Press Book | April 2019

    Who knew that gecko feet inspired scientists to develop a stickier adhesive or that cockleburs in dog fur led to the invention of Velcro? Discovery Engineering in Physical Science uses these and other surprising cases…

  • Extreme Science: From Nano to Galactic

    NSTA Press Book | April 2009

    Whether we are imagining microbes or mammoths, dinosaurs or diatoms, molecules or stars, people of all ages are fascinated with the very large and the very small. New technologies have enabled scientists to investigate…

  • NSTA Press® Sample Chapters

    Page | May 2020

    Biology Students With Evidence From the Living World by Matthew Kloser … Gadgets and Gizmos, Grades 3–5: Phenomenon-Based Learning by Matthew … by Matthew Bobrowsky, Mikko Korhonen, and Jukka Kohtamäki  &nbsp …

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