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  • Core Idea PS1: Matter and Its Interactions

    Book Chapter | October 2016

    This chapter focuses on matter and its interactions and discusses the importance of how a rich understanding of atomic theory leads to a deeper understanding of why there are so many different substances in the world. A…

  • Modeling Parts of Systems and Particle Movement in Matter

    Journal Article | March 2020

    Connecting to Three-Dimensional Standards (Matter: Physical Science … students when considering the disciplinary core idea related to matter … and its interactions, specifically the structure and properties of matter. Instruction …

  • Call for Papers: Science Scope

    Page | January 2020

    No matter how good we are at teaching to the standards, central to the success … among the energy transferred, the type of matter, the mass, and the change … explores how organisms interact with each other and their physical …

  • Evidence of Molecular Motion

    Journal Article | November 2019

    that depends on the motion and interactions of matter and radiation within …

  • Yes, and Cross-Curricular Planning for Preschool

    Journal Article | August 2019

    integration is how you interact with children most of the time. Lesson planning … of matter, measuring capacity, and mixing matter to make a change. Children … table, they are discovering relationships between the properties of matter …

  • Developing the Next Generation of Elementary Science Teachers

    Journal Article | November 2019

    This article describes how science educators at a large southeastern university developed specialized science training for elementary preservice teachers (EPSTs) by creating a combination of discipline-specific science…

  • Making Everyday Phenomena Phenomenal

    Journal Article | April 2020

  • Using Storylines to Support Three-Dimensional Learning in Project-Based Science

    Journal Article | February 2019

    and crosscutting concepts (e.g., energy and matter flows, cycles, and conservation … of objects that interact at a distance. We also identify potential anchoring … weeks or more. No matter how interesting a single driving question …

  • Arguing About a Chemical Change

    Journal Article | November 2019

  • Arguing About a Chemical Change

    Journal Article | February 2020

  • A Water Wheel Challenge!

    Journal Article | February 2019

    see the effects of energy and interact with the associated forces along … with the matter around them. Interactions with forces and energy can range from … CCC). Energy and matter is one of these central themes in science and engineering …

  • Learning With Models

    Journal Article | March 2020

    and fall as precipitation (NGSS 5-PS1-1 Matter and Its Interactions …

  • Deconstructing Solids

    Journal Article | March 2020

    work while engaging them in learning about the structure of matter … their task. As we interact with individual students, we ask questions … learning about the conservation of matter. Once the students finish building …

  • Advancing Alloys

    Journal Article | April 2020

    The manufacture of metal alloys is ubiquitous, yet infrequently discussed in high school coursework as concepts related to them are often too complex or abstract for beginning science students. However, earlier…

  • Colorful Creations

    Journal Article | October 2019

    This column includes activities inspired by children’s literature.

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