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  • Teaching the Periodic Table

    Journal Article | August 2021

  • Density and the Periodic Table

    Book Chapter | November 2014

    The purpose of this lab is for students to apply what they know about physical properties and periodic trends to predict ”What Are the Densities of Germanium and Flerovium?” The Teacher Notes provide the connections to…

  • Sphero Robots and the Periodic Table

    Journal Article | October 2019

    Students review the periodic table by coding robots.

  • Patterns, Puzzles, and the Periodic Table

    Journal Article | September 2019

  • Science Sampler: Periodic Table

    Journal Article | December 2003

    Teaching the periodic table can be a mundane task filled with repetition and rote memorization. The techniques for engaging activities outlined in this article will help students become familiar with the periodic table…

  • Idea Bank: Building a Periodic Table

    Journal Article | August 2001

    The Idea Bank provides tips and techniques for creative teaching, in about 1,000 words. In this month’s Idea Bank, an introductory unit on the periodic table of elements is adapted for a blind physical science student,…

  • Idea Bank: Presidential “Periodic Table”

    Journal Article | August 2008

    The Presidential “Periodic Table” is an engaging activity that encourages high school chemistry students to match the names of the elements with their chemical symbols in order to spell out the names of the 43 U.S.…

  • Tried and True: The living periodic table

    Journal Article | September 2005

    To help make the abstract world of chemistry more concrete to your middle-school students, have them create a living periodic table that can be displayed in the classroom or hallway. This display includes information…

  • Idea Bank: Periodic Table of Cereal Boxes

    Journal Article | June 2006

    Do you find that helping students to understand the concept of periodicity to be a difficult task? If so, try implementing this introductory activity that was developed to increase students' understanding of periodicity…

  • Tried and True: Our class periodic table

    Journal Article | September 2007

    To facilitate discussions centered on the topic of chemistry, students can create a classroom periodic table. In order to accomplish this task, they research elements in the periodic table using various media (textbooks…

  • Understanding the Elements: The physics and symmetry of the periodic table of the elements

    Journal Article | January 2001

    The Periodic Table of the Elements, or the Mendeleev Chart, is the starting point for chemistry and critical for learning physics as well. This article is an effort to explain, from fundamentals, how the periodic table…

  • Building Picnic Tables ... and Community

    Journal Article | February 2021

  • Periodic Table

    Collection | February 2015

  • Periodic Table

    Collection | February 2015

  • Periodic Table

    Collection | January 2015

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