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  • SEP 3: Planning & Carrying Out Investigations

    Collection | March 2016

  • A Noteworthy Connection

    Journal Article | October 2018

  • Call for Papers: Science Scope

    Page | January 2020

    and interpret data to provide evidence that plants and animals have traits … Construct and interpret graphical displays of data to describe … and interpret data to provide evidence for the effects of resource availability …

  • The Boxcar Challenge Unit

    Journal Article | February 2020

    with. The students used understandings built from investigations and texts to inform … Classroom Connection:   Students obtain information …

  • Shell Science Lab Regional Challenge Testimonials

    Page | March 2020

    Shell Science Lab Regional Challenge Testimonials LaConner High School – Todd Hinderman On behalf of LaConner High School and myself, we are truly grateful for the grant award money through the Shell Lab Science Challenge Regional competition. This award has allowed me to upgrade and purchase some very necessary and…

  • Motion and Stability

    Journal Article | March 2019

    They collect data with their virtual tools and then analyze and interpret … knowledge, explore, test ideas, ask questions, collect data, and more … Analyzing and Interpreting Data: Using a simple teacher-drawn …

  • Using Models to Teach Science

    Journal Article | November 2019

  • Using Models to Teach Science

    Journal Article | February 2020

  • How to Design a Performance Task

    Journal Article | March 2019

    Follow a sequence of steps to develop an authentic performance task.

  • Connecting Projects to Standards

    Journal Article | August 2020

    the ability to explore, plan, and carry out their own investigations … opportunities to explore, design, plan, conduct, and analyze their own experiments …

  • Science Buddies

    Journal Article | November 2019

    How-to strategies and classroom management tips

  • Project G.R.O.W.

    Journal Article | August 2020

    and ways to analyze and interpret data. These experiences in the classroom … At the end, we share a link to data and classroom materials developed … setting that conducts data-based and question-driven research …

  • Crossing the Amazon by LEGO

    Journal Article | February 2019

    and patterns of the wheel rotations. Because the students would need to plan …

  • From Surviving to Thriving

    Journal Article | April 2020

  • Making Everyday Phenomena Phenomenal

    Journal Article | April 2020

    phenomena … The Role of Phenomena … Selecting and Using Local Phenomena …

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