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  • SEP 6: Construct Explanations & Design Solutions

    Collection | March 2016

    SEP 6: Construct Explanations & Design Solutions …

  • How to Design a Performance Task

    Journal Article | March 2019

    Follow a sequence of steps to develop an authentic performance task.

  • Arguing About a Chemical Change

    Journal Article | November 2019

    and incomplete conceptions made me think they needed more opportunities …

  • Call for Papers: Science Scope

    Page | January 2020

    could be further from the truth, as science itself is a creative quest … structure, or the variation that results from genetic differences, students … inherited from parents and that variation of these traits exists in a group …

  • The Boxcar Challenge Unit

    Journal Article | February 2020

    and driving question and then, through a series of coherent activities … a solution to this problem. Here, we provide examples from the beginning … to introduce the driving question, anchoring phenomenon, and engineering design …

  • Three-Dimensional Classroom Assessment Tasks

    Journal Article | March 2019

    Practical advice from veteran teachers

  • Crossing the Amazon by LEGO

    Journal Article | February 2019

    “Oh my gosh, I think it’s going to work!” a child exclaimed … this to think through how to program their robots. During this time, we revisited … These students used this information to think multiplicatively and determine …

  • Shell Science Lab Regional Challenge Testimonials

    Page | March 2020

    sorts during the explore phase of the 5 E model because we did not have … during the explain portion of the 5 E model. We were building the walls … slides. Second and third grades will use the model of the human body …

  • Beyond the Hook

    Journal Article | August 2020

    it necessitate question or idea generation or a reason for figuring … thinking about a solution to a problem (landscaping to maintain biodiversity …

  • Arguing About a Chemical Change

    Journal Article | February 2020

    comments about past experiences and incomplete conceptions made me think …

  • The Teaching of Climate Science

    Position Statement | June 2020

    of opposition to climate change science from students, parents, other subject-area … made by others, including those from media sources … from which scientific consensus models are built and describe …

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