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  • Tides Mobile

    Book Chapter |

    The Sun, Moon, and Earth are three extremely large objects separated by great distances. Despite the large distances between them, each object affects the others. Earth is kept in orbit around the Sun by the…

  • Tides of Change

    Book Chapter |

    In this lesson, students will explore the relationship between the ocean tides and the cycles of the Moon. Disciplinary core ideas covered are the roles of water in Earth’s surface processes and Earth materials and…

  • The Tides: A Balance of Forces

    Book Chapter |

    The interaction between the gravitational forces of Earth, the Moon, and the Sun causes tides. The rhythmic movement of the water associated with the tides causes successive high and low waters in the coastal areas.…

  • Red Tide

    Journal Article |

    Harmful algal blooms and global climate change

  • A Rising Tide

    Journal Article |

    Students explore the effects of thermal expansion on sea levels—both globally and close to home.

  • Science 101: What causes tides?

    Journal Article |

    Tides exhibit predictable cycles on daily, monthly, and yearly scales. The magnitude of the tides is dependent on the position of the Earth and Moon in relation to the Sun, but is also influenced by other factors. This…

  • Science 101: What Causes the Tides?

    Journal Article |

    This column provides background science information for elementary teachers. In this month’s issue the author discusses the reason tides occur.

  • Troubling Tides: Will Sea Turtles Survive the Rising Seas?

    Journal Article |

    Explore how climate change and rising tides are putting sea turtle hatchlings at risk.

  • Tides

    Collection |

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