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Science Teaching Award



Shell Science Teaching Award


Program Summary

A partnership between Shell USA, Inc. and the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), this award recognizes one outstanding classroom teacher (grades K–12) who has had a positive impact on his or her students, school, and the community through exemplary science teaching. Special projects may be mentioned but should not be the main focus of the candidate’s application.


Apply or nominate a colleague today!

Deadline for submission is December 19, 2024


K–12 classroom science teachers.


$10,000 and an all-expense paid trip to attend NSTA’s National Conference; two finalists will also receive all-expense-paid trips to the conference.

Submission Requirements

  • Resume (maximum length of one page, character equivalent) that details the nominee’s teaching experience, professional activities, formal and continuing education, awards and publications, and community involvement. This should not be a narrative;
  • Schedule. One week’s schedule (i.e., 11 a.m.–12 p.m.: Env. Science, 1–2 p.m.: Special Ed.; 2–3 p.m.: Physical Science, G.T. students), including time and subjects taught. Briefly describe content orthematic base of course and student demographics (one page, character equivalent);
  • Science Teaching Philosophy (maximum length of one page, character equivalent);
  • Instructional Method (maximum length of five pages, character equivalent). A description of the candidate’s classroom activities that represent the nature of science; increase student knowledge and skills and enhance attitudes of science; employ unique methods to make science exciting and relevant; make connections among science, the student’s world, and the community; encourage scientific inquiry and problem solving; and impact a wide variety of students, including—but not limited to—those who may be at risk or have different abilities and opportunities. Show a connection between instructional method and the national science education standards, NGSS, three-dimensional learning, or state standards if necessary. Pictures, articles, and other material may be added to this section (in the optional tabs) as long as it does not exceed the five-page limit;
  • Letters of Support. One letter of nomination can be part of the three letters of support from individuals or groups (maximum length of letters is two pages each) should accompany the packet. Letters can be single spaced. Letters sent separately will not be considered. Letters must be signed and dated accordingly, on letterhead if possible. Letters for the Shell Award should reflect applicant’s strengths, and accomplishments



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About the Sponsor Organization

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Shell USA, Inc. is an affiliate of the Royal Dutch Shell plc, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with operations in more than 70 countries. In the U.S., Shell USA Inc. operates in 50 states and employs more than 20,000 people working to help tackle the challenges of the new energy future.

FOR INQUIRIES CONTACT: Shell USA, Inc. Media Line 832-33-SHELL


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