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PLI #4

National Conference in Atlanta • March 22-25, 2023

Full Day Workshop

Introducing OpenSciEd High School

Helping Students See Science and Engineering in Meaningful Phenomena and Problems


Preconference • Wednesday, March 22 • 8:15 AM - 3:30 PM

Facilitators: Kate Henson and Bill Penuel


Conference registration is required to attend.

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About the Session

Come join us to see how OpenSciEd’s materials can help you build science learning experiences anchored in compelling phenomena and in important community and global problems. This professional learning institute (PLI) will simultaneously prepare you to teach the first unit in the OpenSciEd biology course and provide the support you need to advance your practice so that learning is both driven by student questions and helps them develop proficiency with targeted three-dimensional science standards in life sciences and Earth and space science. To achieve this goal, this session will put teachers in “student hat” so they can feel what it’s like to be a student whose thoughts and questions help drive learning forward in the unit. We actually do science together with the facilitator acting as teacher and reflect on coherence in the unit by unpacking the storyline for the unit. We will open up and explore the structure of units for all three courses of OpenSciEd–biology, chemistry, and physics–and discuss the routines and resources to promote equitable science learning in high school. Follow-up sessions you can attend throughout the conference will dig deeper into other courses in OpenSciEd and provide practical strategies for implementing OpenSciEd in your classroom.

Facilitator Bios
Kate Henson
Kate Henson

Kate Henson is a Co-Principal Investigator for the OpenSciEd High School Developers Consortium based at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is the overall course lead for OpenSciEd High School overall, and for biology. Kate is a former high school science teacher. She holds a BS and MS in Biology and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education.

Bill Penuel

Bill Penuel is Co-Principal Investigator for the OpenSciEd High School Developers Consortium based at the University of Colorado Boulder. His expertise is in assessment related to the Next Generation Science Standards that connects to students’ interests and identities. Bill is a member of the Board on Science Education at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and MEdicine. He holds a PhD in developmental psychology from Clark University.

Jamie Deutch Noll

Jamie Deutch Noll is a National Board Certified Teacher and Science Educator at BSCS Science Learning. Jamie's role in the OpenSciEd High School project is a Curriculum Developer for the OpenSciEd Biology Team, University of Colorado. Jamie was recently a curriculum development specialist at Northwestern University, as part of Next Generation Science Storylines. She led several development teams in the OpenSciEd Middle School Developers Consortium to develop storyline-based middle school NGSS units and helped as a writer on the development of grades K–2 and 3–5 COVID-19 and Health Equity Units. Jamie has been leading NGSS professional development workshops across the country. Before leaving the classroom, Jamie taught ninth-grade biology and middle school science, in Washington State and Illinois. Jamie earned her Bachelors of Science in Biology and Psychology from Dickinson College and her MiT in Secondary Science Education from the University of Washington.


Continue Your Learning



A pathway is a curated grouping of sessions centered around a specific topic of interest.

Thursday, March 23 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Designing for justice in OpenSciEd High School Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Speakers: Zoe Buck Bracey, Samantha (DeMatteo) Pinter, and Jamie Deutch Noll

Thursday, March 23 • 2:20 PM - 3:20 PM

Norms Aren't Just for Bell Curves: Building Effective Community Agreements in Science Classrooms

Speakers: Rachel Patton, Joe Kremer, and Samantha (DeMatteo) Pinter

Thursday, March 23 • 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM

Supporting Mathematics Thinking for All Students in High School Science

Speakers: Jamie Deutch Noll, Nicole Vick, Jim Ryan, and Michael Novak

Friday, March 24 • 1:20 PM - 2:20 PM

Building Climate Understandings for Equity and Social Justice Across the High School Curriculum

Speakers: Kate Henson, Diego Rojas-Perilla, Ann Rivet, and Nicole Vick

Friday, March 24 • 2:40 PM - 3:40 PM

Support for Engineering Practices in the OpenSciEd High School Course Sequence

Speakers: Dan Voss, Kate Henson, and Diego Rojas-Perilla

Friday, March 24 • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Mathematics and Computational Thinking in OpenSciEd High School Biology

Speakers: Kate Henson


National Conference On Science Education • Atlanta23


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