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Problem-Based Learning Series


By Tom J. McConnell, Joyce M. Parker, and Janet Eberhardt

If you’ve ever asked yourself whether problem-based learning (PBL) can bring new life to both your teaching and your students’ learning, here’s your answer: Yes.

The Problem-Based Learning series will help you engage your students in scenarios that represent real-world science in all its messy, thought-provoking glory. The scenarios will prompt K–12 students to work collaboratively on analyzing problems, asking questions, posing hypotheses, and constructing solutions.

These all-in-one guides are both informative and practical. In addition to complete lesson plans that support the Next Generation Science Standards, they offer extensive examples, instructions, and tips. Best of all, the books provide you with what many think is the trickiest part of PBL: rich, authentic problems. The authors not only facilitated the National Science Foundation–funded PBL Project for Teachers but also perfected the lessons in their own teaching. You can be confident that the problems and the teaching methods are teacher tested and approved.

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