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Becoming Botanical Garden Educators: Engaging High School Students in Botany through the use of Flip

Connected Science Learning January/February 2024

It is critical to develop students’ science communication skills as they progress through their education. One way in which this goal can be accomplished is through the integration of Flip (formerly known as Flipgrid) into educational programs. Flip allows educators to create prompts that students can respond to. Students can then respond to these in video form which can then lead to deeper discussion on various topics. This brief will share an example of how Flip was utilized with high school students spending time at a botanical garden to not only promote science communication skills but to help engage them with plant life. This activity allowed students to assume the role of “educator” by becoming an expert on a specific plant species and recording a video introducing others to that organism. In the end, students found themselves eager to share their knowledge with others and to learn from the Flip videos that their peers had created.

Life Science STEM Technology

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