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A Beautiful Eclipse is Coming to North America!

A Total Eclipse in 2024

Kick-start your planning for the upcoming eclipse event. Solar Eclipses are exciting astronomical events that can provide a great opportunity for teachers and students to learn about the science of astronomy and explore the beauty of the natural world. Check out the following collection of resources and teaching materials to use in the classroom.


Free Web Seminars

Recordings of the web seminars will be available post-event.


NSTA Press books

NSTA/SSI Solar Eclipse Partners

NSTA, in collaboration with the Space Science Institute (SSI), selected a group of educators known as Solar Eclipse Partners who are actively assisting their schools, libraries, and other community organizations in getting the public ready to experience the total solar eclipse in April safely. Many of the Solar Eclipse Partners supported their schools and communities during the annular eclipse in October of 2023.

NSTA Collection

A Collection of external links curated by NSTA with additional resources related to solar eclipses.

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See what our fellow science friends have to offer.

American Astronomical Society

Astronomical Society of the Pacific



Space Science Institute


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