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Qualitative Analysis of Ray Optics in a College Physics Laboratory: A 5E Lesson

Journal of College Science Teaching—July/August 2020 (Volume 49, Issue 6)

By Ozden Sengul

This paper describes an alternative approach to teaching and learning practices in an undergraduate physics laboratory. The instructor plans and implements the 5E instructional model into the laboratory instruction. The article includes an example of the 5E lesson for the laboratory component of a physics course, which has separate lecture and laboratory sections. Through the use of a learning model, students could make predictions, exchange ideas, collect and analyze data, and construct evidence-based explanations about the ray optics topic. This approach of teaching in a physics laboratory promoted students’ engagement in scientific practices and learning of the fundamental concepts. The design of the lesson can be used as a model of a physics laboratory instructor’s attempt to put inquirybased instructional strategies into practice through the 5E cycle. This model can be useful for other instructors who are willing to improve or change their teaching practices and students’ learning experiences.



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