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How Are They Similar and Different?

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How Are They Similar and Different?

Crosscutting Concepts Is Lesson Plan Life Science Literacy NGSS Science and Engineering Practices Elementary Informal Education Grade 1

Sensemaking Checklist

Welcome to NSTA's Daily Do

As you and your students follow Speck, the red-spotted newt, on his journey to find a new pond for the winter, you will encounter many opportunities to look for animals and plants on the page that are similar (the same kind of animal and/or plant) but with noticeable differences.

Throughout the story, you might choose to ask, "Are the animals/plants on this page the same kind of animals/plants? (claim) Why do you say so?" (evidence)

Are They the Same? Cover

Go on a Safari Without Leaving Town!

Join Mark Eastburn, author of the NSTA e-Book Are They the Same?, on an amphibian safari, during which he encounters salamanders and frogs in their natural habitats. He shares ideas and tips (and safety considerations) for making your own safari in a local green space and how to share your observations with other amphibian enthusiasts and scientists. Here's your family's chance to become citizen scientists!

NSTA Collection of Resources for Today's Daily Do

NSTA has created a How Are They Similar and Different? collection of resources to support teachers and families using this task. If you're an NSTA member, you can add this collection to your library by clicking Add to My Library, located near the top of the page (at right in the blue box).

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