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Sessions & Workshops

National Conference in Denver • Mar. 20-23, 2024


There is something for everyone at NSTA Denver24!

Whether you’re a preservice teacher, veteran educator, teacher leader, curriculum specialist, instructional coach, informal educator, or anything in between.



Special Sessions



First Timers

First-Timers Session

Thursday, March 21 • 7:15-7:45 AM

With so much to do, attending your first NSTA National Conference can be a daunting experience. This session is designed not only to orient you to the conference but also to help you meet others, all while having some fun! Learn how to navigate the conference app, while hearing pro tips on how to make your time at NSTA Denver24 as productive and stress-free as possible.

High School Haven logo

High School Haven

Back by popular demand, NSTA’s High School Haven–a dedicated learning and connecting space for high school educators. Explore discipline-specific sessions, relax in our community space outfitted with cell phone charging stations, join us for a Share-a-thon on Friday, and refuel with daily afternoon snacks.


Session Types


In addition to our traditional sessions we include the following session types:


poster sessions

Poster Sessions

Presenters will describe strategies or tools by referencing the various graphics, texts, and/or illustrations from a prepared poster and table space provided in a share-a-thon format.

Speed Sharing

Speed Sharing

Presenters will share a strategy or tool during a 10-minute presentation. Three presenters will be scheduled within a one-hour period of time, grouped together by theme. The last 15 minutes will be dedicated to informal discussions and Q&A with the presenters led by a moderator.

Exhibitor Workshop

Exhibitor Workshops

Explore cutting-edge science and STEM solutions in exhibitor-hosted sessions. Gain hands-on insights into product capabilities and learn practical strategies to elevate your teaching. Uncover new techniques to enhance your educational approach!






Early Childhood & Elementary Share-a-thon

Early Childhood & Elementary Share-a-Thon

Thursday, March 21 • Noon-2:00 PM

Participate in an exploration of science and STEM learning tailored for young learners. Navigate through informative stations, engage with colleagues, and establish connections with science leaders. Depart with lessons and resources designed to elevate STEM and science in your classroom.

Meet Me in the Middle

Meet me in the Middle Share-a-Thon

Thursday, March 21 • 3:00-5:00 PM

Engage in a variety of activities, collect information, discover new resources, and network with middle-level leaders from NSTA and NMLSTA. Discover new ideas and materials that you can use next week!

High School Share-a-thon

High School Share-a-Thon

Friday, March 22 • 1:00-3:00 PM

Engage in a variety of activities, collect information and resources, and network with high school-level leaders. Discover new ideas and materials that you can use in your classroom next week!

Informal Share-a-thon

Informal Share-a-Thon

Saturday, March 23 • 8:00-10:00 AM

Come and connect! Engage with informal science educators from museums, zoos, afterschool, media, non-profits, and more. Discover resources, programs, organizations, and opportunities for science educators - formal and informal alike!


National Conference On Science Education • Denver 24


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