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National Congress on Science Education

National Congress on Science Education logoThe National Congress on Science Education meets annually and consists of one voting delegate from each of the 94 NSTA Chapters and Associated Groups. The Congress meets to discuss issues and bring forth recommendations that may be of interest to NSTA and the science education community. Delegates and other local leaders benefit from attending the summer congress, which provides opportunities to

  • Network with other science leaders from the US and Canada;
  • Attend leadership workshops to assist them in their association role;
  • Represent their members as a voting delegate;
  • Attend focus groups to address national issues and formulate, debate, and adopt resolutions;
  • Collaborate with the NSTA elected leaders and staff.

Documents from Past Congress Meetings

NCSE Registration and Declaring Delegates/Alternates

Registration for the 2021 NCSE Meeting will open in spring of 2021. This meeting will be held virtually and is free of charge.

Declaring delegates and alternates will also be a part of the registration process. All delegates and alternates must be declared by 10 days prior to the start of the meeting, per the NCSE Operating Policy.

Questions or Suggestions?

For more information, questions, and suggestions for NCSE forums and workshops, please contact NSTA Chapter Relations or call (800)722-6782, ext. 265 or (703)312-9265.

2021 National Congress on Science Education Planning Committee

  • Eric Pyle, NSTA President-Elect and NCSE Chairperson
  • Helaine Hager, RI Science Teachers Association
  • John McNamara, Washington Science Teachers Association
  • Kristin Rademaker, Illinois Science Teachers Association
  • Diana Allen, Maine Science Teachers Association (Alternate)
  • Michelle Ellis, District VI Director
  • Florentia Spires, District III Director
  • Terry White, District XIII Director
  • Jodi Bahr, District XI (Alternate)
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