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Nominations for the NSTA Board of Directors and Council

Call for Entries 2022 NSTA Elections

The annual NSTA Nominations for Board of Directors and Council engages science educators in leadership positions. The NSTA Board of Directors and Council work together to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. We are now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Election year. These positions will take office of June 1, 2022.

Deadline: October 29, 2021

Eligible Offices for the 2022 Election

Board of Directors (Division Directors)
  • President
  • High School Level Science Teaching
  • Post-Secondary Science Teaching
  • Coordination and Supervision
Council (District Directors)
  • District III – Delaware, District of Columbia and Maryland
  • District V – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
  • District IX – Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota
  • District XI – Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska
  • District XV – Idaho, Montana and Wyoming
  • District XVII – Alaska, Oregon and Washington

To be eligible for consideration, you must be a current member of NSTA, and meet the requirements of the position being sought.

Election Guidelines below


Dates to Remember

October 7 • Web Seminar

Looking for a Few Good Educators to Serve on the NSTA Council and Board of Directors

October 29

Last day to submit an application.

December 1

All members need to have a current email address on file in your member record. Update your email by logging into your membership account.

December 15

Ballots sent to NSTA membership.

Dec. 15 - Jan. 26

Open voting. Nomination and Election Guidelines prohibit campaigning for all elections. The publication of each candidate's biographical data and position statement shall be the total extent to which Association members are informed about candidates for office.

For More Information

Please contact the NSTA Nominations’ Program Liaison at 703.312.9254 or via email at


Newly-Elected Board and Council

These individuals will take office on June 1, 2021.




  • Elizabeth Mulkerrin

Preschool/Elementary Division Director

  • Jennifer C. Williams

Middle Level Division Director

  • Heather Anglin

Informal Science Division Director

  • Megan Earnest

Professional Learning Division Director

  • Kimberley Astle

District II - ME, NH, VT

  • Helene Adams

District IV - NJ, NY, PA

  • Lisa Lowenberg

District VIII - KY, VA, WV

  • Keri Meador

District X - IN, MI, OH

  • Angela McMurry

District XIV - AZ, CO, UT

  • Kristina Kimble

District XVI - Am. Samoa, CA, Guam, HI, NV

  • Allison Bogart



NSTA's Governance Structure

The Board is comprised of the three (3) NSTA Presidents and the ten (10) Division Directors. The Council is comprised of the NSTA President and eighteen (18) District Directors.

Board of Director Offices to be filled in the 2021 election are:

  • President—Term of office: 3-year commitment beginning June 2021 through May 2024 (Year 1 as President-elect; Year 2 as President; Year 3 as Retiring President)
  • Division Directors—Term of office: 3-year commitment beginning June 2021 through May 2024
    • Preschool-Elementary Science Teaching
    • Middle Level Science Teaching
    • Informal Science
    • Professional Learning in Science Education

Council Offices to be filled in the 2021 election are:

  • District Directors—Term of office: 3-year commitment beginning June 2021 through May 2024
    • District II: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont
    • District IV: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
    • District VIII: Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia
    • District X: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio
    • District XIV: Arizona, Colorado, Utah
    • District XVI: American Samoa, California, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada

NSTA's Eighteen Districts

District I: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
District II: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont
District III: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland
District IV: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
District V: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
District VI: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
District VII: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
District VIII: Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia
District IX: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
District X: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio
District XI: Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
District XII: Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin
District XIII: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
District XIV: Arizona, Colorado, Utah
District XV: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
District XVI: American Samoa, California, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada
District XVII: Alaska, Oregon, Washington
District XVIII: Canada

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