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  • Project Earth Science: Astronomy, Revised 2nd Edition

    NSTA Press Book | March 2011

    How well can your students … • Illustrate the reason for Earth’s seasons? • Explain how far a light year is? • Simulate the phases of the Moon? • Describe the effects of greenhouse gases? •…

  • Uncovering Student Ideas in Astronomy: 45 New Formative Assessment Probes

    NSTA Press Book | March 2012

    What do your students know—or think they know—about what causes night and day, why days are shorter in winter, and how to tell a planet from a star? Find out with this book on astronomy, the latest in NSTA’s popular…

  • Family-Based Astronomy

    Journal Article | December 2020

  • Sidewalk Astronomy: Students and teachers take astronomy to the street

    Journal Article | May 2000

    After sharing his large telescope with passersby on a busy street corner in Chicago, the author started the Sidewalk Astronomy Club to involve students in the experience. As a result sidewalk astronomy has become a…

  • Astronomy That Makes Sense

    Journal Article | November 2018

    Make abstract astronomy more concrete for your entire class wtih lessons originally intended for visually impaired students.

  • Scope on the Skies: Summer astronomy

    Journal Article | May 2004

    Re-visit the summer of 2004 by discovering its celestial events and learning about the Cassini/Huygens spacecraft activity that also occurred that year--which has implications today as it continues to orbit the…

  • Science Shorts: Astronomies of Scale

    Journal Article | October 2009

    Astronomical scale is a difficult concept for elementary students to grasp when they begin studying the solar system. A school yard solar system model gives students a tangible experience of astronomical distances.…

  • Invite an Alien to Astronomy Night

    Journal Article | November 2007

    Dozens of inflatable aliens recently “descended” upon the authors’ middle school to kick-off their first school-wide Astronomy night. With an estimated attendance of over 500, their eighth-grade students hosted over a…

  • Science 101: What are some common misconceptions to be aware of when teaching about astronomy?

    Journal Article | July 2019

    This column provides background science information for elementary teachers. This issue focuses on misconceptions with astronomy.

  • Editor’s Roundtable: International Year of Astronomy

    Journal Article | April 2009

    2009 has been designated the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) because it marks the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s telescopic observations of the Moon and other bodies in the solar system, which challenged, and…

  • Scope on the Skies: International Year of Astronomy

    Journal Article | January 2009

    This year marks the 400th anniversary of when a telescope was used for astronomical observations, and 2009 has also been designated the International Year of Astronomy—a yearlong celebration of astronomy through various…

  • Editor's Roundtable: Adding some STEAM to Astronomy

    Journal Article | July 2014

    Science Scope’s editor shares thoughts regarding the current issue.

  • Idea Bank: Celebrate the International Year of Astronomy

    Journal Article | January 2009

    In 1609, Galileo Galilei turned his telescope to the night sky and began a series of observations of the cosmos. These observations, together with the work of Johannes Kepler and other scientists of the time,…

  • Students Teaching Students: Launching interest in astronomy

    Journal Article | May 2003

    A group of educators and astronomers train high school students to teach astronomy to elementary students and their families. The main goal of the program is to promote careers in science and science education to…

  • Idea Bank: Astronomy for Students With Sensory Impairments

    Journal Article | March 2009

    The Space Exploration and Experience (SEE) Project and Yerkes Astrophysics Academy for Young Scientists (YAAYS)—both at the University of Chicago’s Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin—are designed to promote…

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