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  • Clouds, Rain, Clouds Again sample

    Book Chapter |

    You may not like a rainy day. But rain is water, and water is needed. Find out why in this sample of Clouds, Rain, Clouds Again: I Wonder Why.

  • A Cloud in a Jar

    Book Chapter |

    Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen a cloud in the shape of an animal? Regardless of the shape or size, certain conditions need to be present for a cloud to form. In this Activity, you will explore the…

  • Cloud Watchers

    Book Chapter |

    Weather is a topic in science that is applicable to our lives on an everyday basis. The weather often determines what we wear, where we go, and what we do. The activities here focus on clouds and the part they play in…

  • Cloud formulations

    Book Chapter |

    It seems almost counterintuitive that wet air should be less dense than dry air and float in the sky. But the beauty of the cirrus and cumulus attest to this as we gaze at the myriad shapes and forms above us. Cloud…

  • Online Extras: Next Time You See a Cloud

    Page |

    Online Extras: Next Time You See a Cloud Dear Educator, Here are some activities to do before and after reading Next Time You See a Cloud. Feel free to pick and choose from the list based on the age of the children and your purpose for reading. Reading more nonfiction texts is a key shift in the Common Core ELA…

  • What Are Clouds Made Of?

    Book Chapter |

    The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about an everyday object in the sky—clouds. It is designed to determine whether students recognize that clouds are made up of tiny droplets of water or…

  • Next Time You See a Cloud (Sample)

    Book Chapter |

    Next time you want to see a show, go outside and look at the sky. The clouds will put on a show for you with their ever-changing shapes and sizes. This book reveals some fascinating science behind these beautiful…

  • Making Science Come Alive With Clouds

    Journal Article |

    Hardware, software, and websites for use in the classroom

  • Clouds, Rain, Clouds Again: I Wonder Why (e-book)

    eBook |

    This soothing book is the perfect invitation to a relaxed afternoon of cloud gazing. It starts by encouraging young readers to observe what clouds look like, from thin wisps to puffy air castles to giant faces. Then the…

  • Citizen Science: Clouds in the Classroom

    Journal Article |

    This column highlights formal and informal science research projects that students can join and contribute to by gathering and sharing data. With Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line (S’COOL), you can bring the science…

  • Disequilibrium: Forming Clouds in the Classroom

    Journal Article |

    This column shows how to use discrepant events to confront misconceptions. This month’s discrepant event allows students to model condensation, the portion of the hydrologic cycle in which water vapor condenses into…

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