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  • Dinosaur Detectives

    Journal Article | December 2020

  • How Did Dinosaurs Evolve?

    Book Chapter | January 2006

    This chapter explores the methods of cladistics and facilitates an understanding of evolution through active learning. Four activities are presented that address the methods of tracing evolution in fossils and give…

  • Finders Keepers?: Who Owns the Dinosaur Bones?

    Book Chapter | October 2019

    In this lesson, suggested for grades 3-5, students learn how fossils provide clues about Earth’s past. After being introduced to the concept of fossils, they examine various objects to determine whether they are fossils…

  • Dinosaur Day!

    Journal Article | January 2006

    On Dinosaur Day, first-grade students rotated through four dinosaur-related learning stations that integrated science content with art, language arts, math, and history in a fun and time-efficient manner. The event drew…

  • The Case of Dinosaur Metabolism

    Journal Article | September 2017

    Using evidence-based reasoning in biology.

  • Making Sense of Dinosaur Tracks

    Journal Article | December 2012

    Use observations and inferences to devise evidence-based explanations for sets of dinosaur tracks.

  • Science Shorts: One Hungry Dinosaur

    Journal Article | December 2011

    This column provides classic classroom activities that emphasize science process skills. In this month’s issue the author discusses using dinosaur models and pictures to help students understand the role of animal body…

  • The Early Years: If You Were a Dinosaur…

    Journal Article | January 2010

    Dinosaurs are one of those science topics that draw children in and teach them about concepts like measuring and using descriptive language. Learning about dinosaurs, although not hands-on like observing and recording…

  • Dinosaur Extinction, Early Childhood Style

    Journal Article | December 2008

    Do dinosaurs have bellybuttons? This intriguing question launched a journey into inquiry science that captivated a class of four-year-olds for eight months. As students enjoyed dinosaur books, examined dinosaur…

  • Career of the Month: An interview with Dinosaur Paleontologist Matthew Carrano

    Journal Article | November 2006

    In the hunt for dinosaurs, only a small number of species have been unearthed. Many answers remain buried, awaiting discovery, which is why dinosaur paleontology today is such a thriving field. Dinosaur paleontologist…

  • The Great Dinosaur Feud: Science Against All Odds

    Journal Article | October 2008

    In the 19th century, the race to uncover dinosaur fossils and name new dinosaur species inspired two rival scientists, Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh, to behave in ways that were the antithesis of…

  • Science Sampler: Metric-asaurus—Conceptualizing scale using dinosaur models

    Journal Article | November 2010

    For middle school students who have seen only pictures of dinosaurs in books, in the movies, or on the internet, trying to comprehend the size of these gargantuan animals can be difficult. This lesson provides a way for…

  • Dinoviz: Exploring the History and Nature of Science Through the Progression of Dinosaur Visualization

    Journal Article | February 2011

    Dinosaurs in the middle school classroom can be exciting. These extinct reptiles are both an exotic subject and familiar to our students. Because students are inherently interested, dinosaurs can serve as an effective…

  • Dinosaurs

    Collection | September 2017

  • Dinosaurs

    Collection | November 2016

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